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From: Jeramy Singleton (
Date: 03/05/99

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<< (really whiny like)
 "Can you build me a mud so I can run it on my machine and call it mine
 so it is the same as all the others out there cause I don't have time
 and I just wanna run the mud... (etc, etc)" >>

Sorry if this email isn't supposed to go here.

So are you trying to say that everyone who uses dgscripts is whining and
asking someone else to build their mud. This is one of the first questions I
have asked on this list.  And i do believe this list is for help right?  If
not then it must be for people like you who wish to complain bout the people
who do need help. And every mud once it starts off is exactly like all the
others, because it comes stock like that.  As of now mine is a bit more
modified from my own coding but I won't say that there aren't any out there
like it.

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