Re: Languages George at "Mar 5, 99 01:34:22 pm"

From: Christian Loth (
Date: 03/05/99


George wrote:
> Interesting to note that 45% of people on my "CircleMUD 4.0 Language" poll
> have voted for C.  This is only 3 votes short of the C++ options (31% / 14%
> split between C++ from scratch and C++ from converting CircleMUD 3.0)
> combined.
> How do people feel about C++ with STL?

Very good actually. Using it myself. And looking quite forward to
the release of libstc++ v3 by Cygnus ;) Another thing is not only
the STL with it's containers, but also the string class e.g.
mostly because you won't have seg faults with buffer overruns
anymore. But of course, OOP and C++ has a way steeper learning
curve, so that beginners will have an even harder time than
they already have ( reading FAQs and stuff *duck*)...

- Chris

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