Re: Languages

From: Chris Jacobson (
Date: 03/05/99

On 3/5/99 10:15 PM, Stefan Wasilewski (smw@TRITON-NETWORK.COM) stated:

>* Networking is simple and powerful.
>* Portability (write once, debug everywhere)
>* Inherent thread support!
>* No memory management headaches.
>* Exceptions.

These are great features, but...

>Possible Problems:
>* Performance problems
>* Memory requirements

These two are a majorly limiting factor, especially on must MUD hosts...
>* Everyone needs to learn Java.
isn't too big of a deal if you know C/C++, it's not too big of a step,
but it is still a pain.

I'd say the top two Possible Problems (not just possible, they ARE
problems currently) eliminate Java as a valid choice.

While I don't code in Java, I do see it's benefits, but I see them mostly
in portable tools (example: compiler-compilers, etc), and not in servers
or runtime critical applications.  A Java-based MUD would probably use at
least half of a and get only one or two
pulses/second with an avg MUD (avg being 5-10k rooms, 30 players, 3k mobs
and 4k objs loaded).  Even in JIT.

- Chris Jacobson

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