Re: [BUILDING] Format error in world files?

From: Klaus Myrseth (
Date: 03/06/99

Mar 06 09:34:12 :: SYSERR: Format error, room #-1, direction D4
Mar 06 09:34:12 :: SYSERR: Format error in room #1000 (expecting D/E/S)

I had a problem with loading rooms with triggers on it after i patched OLC+
and i found the reading function didnt handle it correctly that probably
where you have your bug, i just dont remember what i did i think it was a
pretty easy patch with rooms parceing after triggers to early or to late in
the parseing of rooms.....the way you can check if this is your problem is
enter trigedit and add a room trigger to one of your current rooms, and
reboot the mud

Another thing, builders who like ansi graphix love to use ~, you should fix
your saveing routing to exchange the ~ with an escape code :)

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