Re: [NEWBIE] test mud

From: Robin Wylie (
Date: 03/06/99

> On Sat, 6 Mar 1999, Robin Wylie wrote:
> >I'm trying to set up a test mud on a linux server. however there is
> >already another circle mud running on that server. I tried to do what
> >the FAQ and helpfiles suggested, and change the prt in config.c and
> >autorun to 3999 and then telneted to localhost 3999 btu then it gives
> >me the error cannot connect to host and I have given the
> >correct ip addy in the config.c file. what can U do to help me run
> >this? (I have no direct access o the server except through a telnet.
> And CircleMUD logs what when you run it?
it tell me circliemud killed march 6 (time) (or something o the
I use ./ autorun & it runs in the background, then about 3 minutes
later I get amessage saying that it's complete. I checked the syslog
and it said it killed it. any more suggestions?
Why? because I AM CANADIAN

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