LexiMUD Alpha Codebase released

From: Chris Jacobson (fear@technologist.com)
Date: 03/08/99

LexiMUD Alpha Codebase has been released...


Many people consider it to be the 'premiere' sci-fi MUD codebase.  DL and
decide for yourself how it rates.

This Alpha codebase is 6 months old (i.e: no new dev on it in 6 months),
but it is the current version that players are playing at Aliens vs
Predator (AVP).  It is mostly C++.  It is not compatible with the full
LexiMUD (which will be released when ready), which will be a
SpaceMaster/RoleMaster-based system.  World files are non-compatible and
will not be upgradeable.  However, I figure most of you that DL it will
look at it for snippets rather than using it whole, so the point is moot

No feature list, sorry.

Have at!

- Chris Jacobson

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