[NEWBIE] The list

From: John Hines (jahweb@grnco.net)
Date: 03/08/99

Sorry this is going to be a short commentary....

It seems to me that the list does get spammed with questions that
can be answered from within the various documentation published
about CircleMUD. There is a mailing list available for these
[NEWBIE] type of questions.
        I myself AM a newbie to the code world and am teaching
myself to code using CircleMUD as the main tool. Alot of the
subscribers to this list would be extremely grateful for stupid
questions I ask to be directed to the newbie list.
        I for one agree to do so. This small commentary letter is to
urge all people that post or have posted to this list under a subject
heading of [NEWBIE] to subscribe to the newbie list and use that
        This post is also to urge people who have the patience to read
through some of the newbie postings to also join the newbie list. I
did a search on the archives at eGroups and I think I found 58
postings there. Kind of sad compared to the postings on this list
that belong there.
        To those who just can't deal with seeing [NEWBIE] in the
subject. theres allways delete and overlook. It is within your power
not to answer those postings if you can't handle the simplistic

Just about enough of my thoughts:

To subscribe, send an empty message to


John Hines
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