From: John Hines (
Date: 03/09/99

Obviously if you took half the time I took to write that post, read
and processed the post I had written you would undoubtedly have
come up with something more intelligent to feedback on.

Yes the post was marked properly. I did not have a gripe about it in
the least. What I was commenting on was the material in the
[NEWBIE] posts in general. Most questions I have read in the past
2 months have included "Where do I download Circle?" "How do I
add skills/spells?" and (not in the least of the limitations of NOT
reading the FAQ) "Where do I download snippets?"

Yes there are a ton of questions that can be asked in a valid
[NEWBIE] subject matter that are not covered in some of the
various documentation that so few of us posting here have actually
took the time out of our "busy schedules" to read. Questions of
that sort could be asked here and not label the [NEWBIE] as being
'ignorant' or 'dimwitted'.

Your response to my original post also brings up the matter of
'Who on the newbie list could possible help?'. If you bothered to
even look into that particular list you will notice (or not notice
depending on how well you actually DO look) that there have been
people helped with thier [NEWBIE] questions. I myself have posted
to that list with an ignorant question or two and have received some
actual well thought out help (pointing me to the obvious). {Thanks
again Xual :)}

> If its nothing but newbies on that list who is going to answer the peoples
> questions? And his subject was Marked  [NEWBIE].  You need to jump
> off that trip.

Not a trip...just a commentary on well thought out reasearched
questions that could be answered in a less anoying platform.
(Basically to keep the 'phalic' point of view like yours to a minimum)

Have a nice day :)

John Hines
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