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From: Klaus Myrseth (
Date: 03/10/99

I'm also a fan of allowing variable declarations as the left-most
parameter to for(), since iterators shouldn't always have to live
outside the scope of the loop.  I think this is the only situation
where, "place the variable right where it first comes into use," is
acceptable and contributes to readability.  But that's my opinion.

I aggree with this dak.

Who havent had to use an extra iteration in a function and used a predefined
variable just to find that you could not actually use it because its got a
value needed later in the code, when you segment your code i like to use
vars only used in a block to be declared in a block, that way its easier to
see if you can use that variable or not and so on. But i dont see why this
discussion should roam the Circle list? As i can see the discussion started
with what language to use for next version of circle right? Not as a
discussion of what is the best programming language to use of C and C++, and
when it comes to what is the best programming language i can only say, the
customer is allways right, he chooses tecnology and the coder use that
tecnology, right now im on a project that i have to use PowerBuilder in so i
use it, and if they wanted C i would use that instead or c++ if they wanted.
And when it comes to the speed of the language: i havent been able to make
my Circle mud to draw more than 1.9% processor speed on linux, and that was
with the use of a script that loged on a big heap of players, put them all
in one room, and spammed eachother with says, + we forced all the players
back and forth to rooms with triggers to make eaven more load + we did
extensice olc and all we could think on to try make it crash at the same
time, but still only 1.9%, and i wouldn't say that i have made to much code
where i think of efficiency......C or C++ its a personal preferance of style
and method of programming because bouth languages are FAST, very FAST
indeed, but there is one thing i want to say in the fight against c/c++ and
that is destructors, one nice bit of thing of OOP, can prevent memory leaks
if used correctly :)

Ok thats just my thoughts, i really dont care what language CircleMUD comes
in next time, Python/Java/C/Pascal/C++ whatever, ill just learn the new
language and be happy :).

Caram - Implementor of The Home Of The Vikings 5000

A Programmer is a person that know how to program a bit of evrything in many
languages and use documentation to make sophisticated pieces of code in any
languages......remember this...especialy if you want to work as a programmer
(I know this from experience) :)

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