Re: circle-win98.tar.gz problems

From: Jodi Goddard (
Date: 03/12/99

>Ive started coding with the circle-win98.tar.gz program and didnt know
>about the problems with objects.  Can someone explain this one to me? what
>exactly is wrong. is it just the obj files that are there, because im
>planning on starting fresh anyways. if its more than that, id like to know
>so i can (hopefully) fix it or at least not waste any more time if im
>gonna have to start fresh anyways.

  From what I can remember when I was running it, it was the stock world
.OBJ files that were messed up.  Lanterns were armor, you could wear
swords, etc. etc.
  Anything that was created worked fine though, it was just the stock .OBJ
files that were messed up.
Jodi Goddard
Netcom Canada Technical Support

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