From: Carl Scott-Brown (carl@drider.co.uk)
Date: 03/15/99

I am running a slightly modified 3.14 with dg and OLC.

 The following from a snippet of my db.c in the parse_object routine:

         case 'T':  /* DG triggers */
        dg_obj_trigger(line, &obj_proto[i]);
        case 'C':
                get_line(obj_f, line);
                sscanf(line, "%d ", t);
obj_proto[i].obj_flags.bitvector        =obj_proto[i].obj_flags.bitvector | t[0];
         case '$':
         case '#':
        top_of_objt = i++;
        return line;

Case C being the newly added code.
The mud compiles fine, but will not run, as it will not accept objects
with the C flag.

The code seems fine to me, and so I know I must be doing
something really stupid; I just can't figure out what that might
be...can anyone wiser than me perhaps point to what I have done



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