[AD][BUILDING]Builders wanted for a new mud called The Home Of The Vikings

From: Klaus Myrseth (klaus.myrseth@infohwy.no)
Date: 03/16/99

Ok first contact information:
Email headbuilder: pactalon@odin.infohwy.no
Web: odin.infohwy.no
telnet: odin.infohwy.no 5000

We have been developing extensively for 6 months on a new mud with medival
with a touch of vikings theme, anyone who want to use their skills at
building with OasisOLC+ with DGScripts, bouth is modified editions, and you
will get training in building + an assignment from our head builder when
applying. So far the world is totaly custom and is rangeing about 1000
rooms, we are going to open for players soon, but we still need builders for
the mud. If you are a person with good fantasy and want to try out a new mud
we are probably the right one for you, dont hesitate, pick up your emailer
and mail pactalon now!

Caram - Implementor of The Home Of The Vikings
Email: caram@odin.infohwy.no

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