Re: Am I really lazy?

From: Anil Mahajan (amahajan@PROXICOM.COM)
Date: 03/16/99

On Tue, 16 Mar 1999 13:28:24 +0100, Klaus Myrseth <> wrote:

>I had my in-development MUD for longer than 6 months, but I can never find
>the time to sit down and code what I need to.
>Always too much to do.
>Poor man, its allways that way, but luckily we are two coders whos got more
>than 10 years of experience with c/c++ developement, private and
>professional. Sofar it has gone our way, not to much problems so we have
>come pretty far in our developement, so i think we are soon ready to og
>online with our beta version of our mud, but our problem is that builders
>can keep up with the speed, area development is kinda the slowest part of
>building a new mud, good luck Dan.
   Haha.  tell me about it.  I have been working on my MUD for over 3 years
now I think (with one other coder).  While we're still only about 1/2 done
with the code (if that), we're not even started with the world.  Don't seem
to be any builders out there... or I'm just too lazy to aggressively
recruit them... need to find an admin type to do that kinda stuff, I'm a
coder damnit.

- Anil.

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