Re: [LINUX] monkey linux

From: Daniel A. Koepke (
Date: 03/16/99

On Tue, 16 Mar 1999, Sean Tindall wrote:

> You'll have to re-configure the code, but there's no reason why it
> shouldn't run.....unless there's something about Monkey Linux that I
> don't know about........I suppose if you are already using MLinux it
> couldn't hurt to try it.

Note, however, that CircleMud requires you to have a kernel with
networking (specifically, TCP/IP) support compiled in, as well as the
(absolute minimum) software needed to setup a local loopback network
interface. Smaller Linux distributions may or may not include these, and
in some cases, such as Slackware, networking support is a separate,
optional diskset (n1, I believe) which you'll need to download and
install. There's no way to circumvent this requirement short of stripping
all networking stuff out of Circle (which would be a pretty stupid way to
spend your time, especially with a better and easier fix out there),
regardless of whether you're going to be running a Mud with 150 players
simultaneously at prime time or one with just you.

I'm unfamiliar with Monkey Linux -- in fact, I've never heard of it.
However, I urge you to take advantage of the various FAQs and mailing
lists pertaining specifically to Linux and its various distributions.
This goes for everyone thinking of asking such questions.  CircleMUD's
mostly platform-independent thanks to the portability of C and autconf.

Further reference is available in section 2.5 of the CircleMUD FAQ,
thoughtfully distributed with Circle.  Said information appears to have
been added at or before December 9, 1997, Revision 2.5 of the FAQ.

In short, RTFF. :)

Or just try it out for yourself.  As far as I can figure, the worst
possible thing is that Circle doesn't work.  Arguments about it being a
waste of precious time will be scoffed at ... Experimenting is *never*
wasting time.  (Well, maybe not never, but pretty damn close.)


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