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From: John Madrell (
Date: 03/19/99

In message <>, Jess Heinig <jessh@white-> writes
>  First post and I'm already starting with the dumb questions.
>  Since I'm cheap and I'm spending money on hardware instead of a decent
>compiler, I'm using freeware to compile a copy of Circle 3.0. It doesn't
>help that I'm a Unix retard.
>  I'm using Cygwin GNU-Win32, the Unix emulator for Windows. I've got
>their version 20.0, and I've managed to set up my /bin and /tmp
>correctly despite their name changes to some of the paths. I've got the
>Cygwin bin executables directory mounted to "/bin." I get "sh
>./configure" up and running, and it goes through all the checks,
>finishes everything up, then ends with a mournful "./configure: /bin/sh:
>not found" message that keeps me from getting anywhere.
>  Once I can get past this and the make, I can probably do fine since
>I'm OK with gcc . . . I just suck at Unix and can't figure out what I'm
>doing wrong here. Any help/flames/comments would be most welcome.
>Jess Heinig

if it has got as far as saying...

creating ./config.status
configure: /bin/sh: not found

then just type..

sh ./config.status

thats a quick fix but it worked for me.
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