Re: NEWBIE: configure problems

From: Sean Tindall (
Date: 03/19/99

Heres how my Cygnus shell is set up, this may or may not help you.  It works properly under Windows NT  Server........

All I do to start my mud is go to the mud directory and type "autorun &" (not ./autorun or whatever) and it works great.

Here are my mounting points (just the important ones):

Device           Directory           Type        Flags
c:\temp          /tmp                native      text!=binary
d:\stuff\mud     /mud                native      text!=binary
d:\cygnus\cygwin~1\etc /etc                native      text!=binary
d:\cygnus\cygwin~1\H-i586~1\bin /bin                native      text!=binary
C:               /                   native      text!=binary

And here are my cygnus configuration files........

SET PATH=.;D:\CYGNUS\CYGWIN~1\H-I586~1\BIN;%PATH%  ----> notice the first entry of the path -> "."
SET HOME=D:\cygnus\cygwin~1
SET CYGWIN="tty title nostrip_title"

echo Welcome to the crazy world of Unix within Windows!

bash --login

# .bashrc Config for Bash Shell

export PS1='\W>'

cd ~

# set aliases
alias rm="rm -i"


# Make Bash 8bit clean
set meta-flag on
set convert-meta off
set output-meta on
# Ignore case while completing
# set completion-ignore-case on


# .profile for Bash Shell

source .bashrc


Hope this helps!!


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From:   Jess Heinig []
Sent:   Friday, March 19, 1999 3:19 AM
Subject:         NEWBIE: configure problems

  Unfortunately, trying to run ".\configure" just gives me "configure: command
not found." I'm also using Win 98, but I tried your "configure | sh" and
"autorun | sh &" fixes and neither worked, I'm sad to say (with "configure:
command not found" and "autorun: command not found," followed by "[1] 1673
[1]+ Done autorun | sh," whatever that means).
  If you can by any chance remember what you did to get it to work, I'd be
much obliged. It beats spending $600 for a Microsoft C++ compiler . . .

Thanks again,
Jess Heinig

Sean Tindall wrote:

> I am using Cywin GNU under Windows NT Server and I have had no problems
> configuring and compiling my mud.  In fact, I didn't have to use "sh
> .\configure", I just ran ".\configure". (Actually I just used "configure",
> I added "." to my path environment variable.)
> The very first time I used Cygwin GNU, it was under Windows 98 and I had a
> little problem with the "configure" and "autorun" shell scripts.  I think
> the command I used was "configure | sh" or "autorun | sh &".  I can't
> remember what I did to fix it, but eventually I had the shell scripts
> running exactly as if they were actually on a Unix box.
> I hope some of this helps.
> sT
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> From:   Jess Heinig []
> Sent:   Thursday, March 18, 1999 2:59 PM
> To:
> Subject:         NEWBIE: configure problems
>   First post and I'm already starting with the dumb questions.
>   Since I'm cheap and I'm spending money on hardware instead of a decent
> compiler, I'm using freeware to compile a copy of Circle 3.0. It doesn't
> help that I'm a Unix retard.
>   I'm using Cygwin GNU-Win32, the Unix emulator for Windows. I've got
> their version 20.0, and I've managed to set up my /bin and /tmp
> correctly despite their name changes to some of the paths. I've got the
> Cygwin bin executables directory mounted to "/bin." I get "sh
> ./configure" up and running, and it goes through all the checks,
> finishes everything up, then ends with a mournful "./configure: /bin/sh:
> not found" message that keeps me from getting anywhere.
>   Once I can get past this and the make, I can probably do fine since
> I'm OK with gcc . . . I just suck at Unix and can't figure out what I'm
> doing wrong here. Any help/flames/comments would be most welcome.
> Thanks,
> Jess Heinig
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