From: Jodi Goddard (
Date: 03/20/99

>I deleted my muds files and folders but yet it still runs!!
>I assume it is running from memory so my question is how do I stop it.
>If it was my system I would know.  But I am using planetmud which uses
>any suggestions?? I cant start another mud till I get this shadow mud

do 'ps aux | grep <username>' or just simply 'ps aux'  (grep <username>
will give you less stuff to filter through)

Look for the PID of the autorun and type 'kill <pid>' (You sometimes have
to kill the autorun first, because on my system, if the autorun is still
running, the MUD will just boot back up)

Than look for the PID of the 'circle -q <Whatever port your running on>'
and 'kill <pid>' on that one, and that should do it.

Jodi Goddard
Netcom Canada Technical Support

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