From: George Greer (
Date: 03/22/99

On Mon, 22 Mar 1999, Richard Glover wrote:

>There has been constant debate on the use of 128bit, multi-level bitvectors,
>or bitfields for flags.  I've taken a look at the bitfields and went ahead
>and made a patch for it, which I sent to George and he put on Ceramic Mouse
> (bitfields15.patch).  You may want to give
>them a try.  I've tested them on Win9x MSVCx and RedHat Linux 5.2 and they
>work great.

Jeremy had indicated that any new version of CircleMUD would use bitfields
instead of (blocks of) bitvectors. So, unless he's changed his mind lately,
they will eventually show up in a MUD near you. (Think 4.0 time frame, not
3.x for all x.)

Playing around with OasisOLC v1.7 currently.  It's quite a bit different
than what I have in store for Oasis 2.0 and makes me want to rewrite it
(again). :)

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