Re: [REQUEST] Saving corpses?

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 03/23/99

> >Hey all.. I have been thinking about hacking together a
> >corpse saving routine to save player corpses over crashes,
> >reboots, and copyovers.. Has anyone put something like this together?
> >I looked over the ftp site/archives but didnt spot anything.
> Try 'xapobj-v1.1.patch' in contrib/code on the FTP site.  You'll need the
> ASCII object file in order to save the corpses without a lot of
> workarounds.
        Nuts.  I was going to say that.

        If you're curious, I just made the global variable xap_objs to
'2', and if that was the case, all the load/save object routines used a
secondary object file (extension for mine was .reimb).  Since players
often abuse things like automatic-reimbursements, I just made an
immortal-level command to reimburse a character - set xap_objs to 2, load
the character again (make sure he has no eq on!), and then set it back.
Doesn't take more than say, 40 lines of code for the changes to the
objsave.c file, and maybe another 40 for the wizard command.


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