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Date: 03/23/99

Looks good enough to run Redhat Linux on to me.  You'll just have to watch
your drive space.  Don't load anything you don't need as far as extra
programs, but without a network connection, you won't need many of them

Unix was developed on much smaller machines than that.  I met one guy that
got the Linux kernal down small enough to run off a single floppy.  so you
should be fine for testing a MUD anyway.

Bryan Britt
Moons of Beltane Project Manager
Beltane Web Services

On Tue, 23 Mar 1999, Jiri Bajer student wrote:

> Hi!
> My problem is: I'm merely newbie coder, so I need more time to debug
> my parts of code. So I'd like to run a testing mud at home, but my HW
> is too poor (386DX, 4MB RAM, 40MB HDD without network connection B-( )
> to run a UNIX on. So I got a (maybe heretic) idea: change some
> communication macros and functions to use printf() and scanf()
> instead of network operations and allow only one player to be
> connected.
> Hmm. Easily said, but: Did anyone try to do it? All I need is to log
> with Imp character and test my additions to current code. (Now I'm
> using Borland C++ 3.1 - Dos only version). All advices would be
> welcome, thanx a lot.
> Sarim
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