[NEWBIE] [SYSTEM] minimalized linux

From: Jiri Bajer student (BAJERJ@feld.cvut.cz)
Date: 03/23/99

Hi again!

I consulted my problem with my friend and he told me there could be
problem with re-compiling the MUD after my changes in it, because I'd
need kernel, telnet, TCP/IP, C compiler, sources of MUD, and : sources
of Kernel (said the MUD needs some constants from there, but doesn't
know how many files are really necessary-he uses all of them, but it
won't be acceptable for me) and in total it would be too long.

The second problem is: which distribution of Linux is the smallest,
but acceptable for MUD (and from where can I download it...)

The third one is about the first compiling of the kernel: I heard
it's almost impossible to compile it on 386 beacuse of the slow speed
of it (it won'be done in less than a day(?is it really true?-if it
is, aagrh).

Thanx to all.


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