Re: [NEWBIE] Well kinda (ASCII question)

From: Phillip A Ames (
Date: 03/23/99

On Tue, 23 Mar 1999 13:50:34 -0500 Del <caminturn@EARTHLINK.NET> writes:
>For the Clear screen function, it has combination of keystrokes.
>send_to_char(" [H [J", d->character);
>What are those keystrokes.
>I figured over time I might learn what they are, but it has elluded me.
>As, I use Windows for a normal operating system, and telnet to my mud
that is
>on a Linux system (redhat). Copying and pasting code a lot, screws up
>codes. I would like to get those fixed.
>Thanks and sorry for such a newbie style question.

I believe those are ascii escape sequences...  There's a document on that has a list of all of them...  You can clear
screens, insert backspaces, and all sortsa other nifty cool stuff.  I use
them on my login screen for color(where easy-color won't work)...  But as
to how to fix them, I think you just have to put in the correct escape
sequence(take a look at screen.h, see where it has like \x1B[0m?  Thats
an escape sequence as well.)


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