Re: [newbie][code]Distinguishing between mobs and not_mobs.

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 03/23/99

> Ok, lets say that someone wants to distinguish between mobs and
> not_mobs...I thought you would use the IS_NPC...but with this little
> snippet of code..
>  if(!IS_NPC(ch)){
>     send_to_char("Not a mob",ch);
>    }else{
>      send_to_char("A mob.",ch);
>     }
> It always assumes it is a mob and never, ever hits not_mob. Any ideas?
> Am I using the macro wrong??

        I just looked at this macro in the current version of the code
i've got..3.0bpl14.  The macro reads:

utils.h:#define IS_NPC(ch)  (IS_SET(MOB_FLAGS(ch), MOB_ISNPC))

  A bit more detective work shows us that mob_flags is..

utils.h:#define MOB_FLAGS(ch) ((ch)->char_specials.saved.act)

  however, there's another macro that accesses that same struct..

utils.h:#define PLR_FLAGS(ch) ((ch)->char_specials.saved.act)

        So, now we see that checking MOB_FLAGS to see if someone is a mob
or not is pointless unless we already know they're a mob.  *Sigh*.

        Oh, but wait you say, that can't be right.. and you'd be correct
in saying so, since if we look up MOB_ISNPC, we see it is the bitvector (1
<< 3).. the same as the 4'th entry in the PLR_ flags... the one that reads
something like PLR_DONTSET. (Activate idea lightbulb over head)

        I'd have to gamble then, that you've redone some of the plr_flags,
and overwrote that one, and it's now in common usage.  Of course, you
could also always try the 'IS_MOB' macro, which does check for IS_NPC, but
also checks and sees if the nr is > -1.


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