Typo in ascii_pfiles-2.0b

From: Michael Cunningham (malice@exit109.com)
Date: 03/24/99

Just a little tip.. For those of you installing
ascii_pfiles-2.0b written by Samdi there is
a minor typo in the load_char function that
is patched into db.c Unfortunatly this typo
can cause nice fat crashes. (allocating
memory endlessly:) It took a couple system
crashes before I figured it out. Maybe this
will save someone else a little grief.

In the section reguarding saving aliases:

       else if(!strcmp(tag, "Alis")) {
         fbgetline(fl, line);
         CREATE(ali, struct alias_data, 1);
         GET_ALIASES(ch) = ali;

replace this line---> while(*line != '!') {
with ---------------> while(*line != '~') {

           ali->alias = str_dup(line);
           fbgetline(fl, line);
           ali->replacement = str_dup(line);


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