Re: Damage messages and types (fight.c)

From: Del (
Date: 03/26/99

I do know that skill and dam are not the same messages.
That was kind of obvious. Look below in the quoted text for a BIG question!!!

Sean Daley wrote:

> I'm not sure what version of circle you're running, but in bpl15
> this area is actually very well commented.  I'll copy the comment
> with my reply below.
> At 02:31 PM 03/26/1999 -0500, you wrote:
>       if (!skill_message(dam, ch, victim, attacktype))
>         # Check for a valid skill message here (set up in lib/misc/messages
>         # if I remember right).  Been awhile, so forgive me :)
>         # If we do have a valid skill message, then that message will be

Where is the statement that sends out the skill message if there is one????
It checks to see if there is NO message, and if not.. send a dam message
Ok.. fine.. lets say we have a skill message,
Show me the line that sends sthe skill message at this point.

>         # sent out, if we don't then we'll use generic dam_message so
>         # at least something is sent.
>         dam_message(dam, ch, victim, attacktype);

note this is a dam message, not a skill message that is sent out IF there is
no skill message.

>     } else {
>       # If we get here than the attack was neither a deathblow nor a miss
>       # so we'll just use generic dam_message
>       dam_message(dam, ch, victim, attacktype);

Note, this is the else section, if damage is > 0 and not a miss.

>     }
>   }

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