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From: George Greer (
Date: 03/26/99

I know he accidently sent this to the list, but let's discuss it anyway.

On Fri, 26 Mar 1999, Del Minturn wrote:

>First thing I notice is the Thaco department, new people are going to be
>downloading bpl15 and thaco is totally different.

All too true.


Actually, I think I moved saving throws to class.c from magic.c.

>1. Lines are not wrapped. Shorten lines for those that use browsers or
>   that do not wrap lines automatically.

If they were all HTML, that wouldn't happen. (hint)


>I am not sure who wrote this, but it's way to long. There is too much
>comentary at the beginning! Give basic explanations, and get on with the
>coding. If there is two types, then explain each one seperatly.

It's part of a (very nice) 7 piece paper on common MUD modifications.  I
wish more people knew about it.  What I really need to do it write news
articles for all of the files in the contrib/doc/ directory on, or have someone mail them to if they have time.

>Missing, links and information on OLC, since it is one of the first
>projects anyone does. I think he has.

Incidentally, I can make a projects directory (where OasisOLC would move)
so that people can have news about their project listed.  In fact, I can
probably even give people limited access to the admin back-end (was
designed for multi-user anyway) to post their own stories without needing
me to do it.  They'd be of the form:

Naturally you'd have to have something applicable to CircleMUD in general
and not just your MUD.  So Death's Gate Scripts would count but a MUD
listing would not and ASCII player files would count, etc.

>Add in any text you wish off the pages that I did
> (no link from my home page)
>The OLC pages were developed by MC, you will have to email him on
>permission to use those.

Anyone wanting web space for documentation is free to send it to me to
include so we don't have the CircleMUD-documentation-site-of-the-week all
the time.  In fact, we have a lot of documentation (a la FTP site even) but
it's not centralized.  That's what is trying to do.
Things that are multiple pages (like the FAQ and WTFAQ) are possible but I
currently have to do those.

And if I pull it off, we'll have one nifty community driven site.

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