Re: Ieditor.

From: George Greer (
Date: 03/28/99

On Sun, 28 Mar 1999, Patrick Dughi wrote:

>        I recently (this morning) uploaded a patch that goes hand in hand
>with the xapobjs patch.  It's basically a version of oedit that works on
>individual items.  In rememberance of the original Oasis, I named it
>iedit.  That, and I thought 'thingamabobeditor' - while more descriptive -
>was too long to type.

You get to be the first test of my automatic FTP site changes posting to script.

It's added in contrib/olc/.  Now we all get to look at the developer site
at 12:01 PST (or when I wake up in my case since that's 3 AM for me) and
see how spectacularly my script breaks. :)

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