[NEWBIE][SYSTEM] Borland problems

From: Allen Parish (allen.parish@virgin.net)
Date: 03/29/99

Hi all,

I am new to creating MUD's so please go easy on me.  I have Windows 98 =
on a P-II 350 with 64 MB of Ram, and I also have Red Hat Linux (which I =
can't get to work) and Borland C++ Builder 3.  I have downloaded =
CircleMUD 3.0 and have read the documentation for Borland but it only =
mentions Borland C++ 5.00 and 5.02.  Can I not use Borland C++ Builder =
3?  I ask this because when I run the command make -fmakefile.bcc I get =
a lot of errors and it won't let me continue.  Is this because I am =
using Borland C++ Builder 3?

I am sorry if this is a repeated subject, but any help on this matter =
would be greatly appreciated.



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