Re: Sorry

From: George Greer (
Date: 03/29/99

On Mon, 29 Mar 1999, Daniel A. Koepke wrote:

>In theory, the only addresses you should need to know for CircleMUD are
>,, and =

It's handier to use pseudo-FTP via HTTP most of the time. Notable
exceptions being multiple get and recursive listing.

>Everyone else: I urge you to not respond to any FAQ, by Chris or anyone
>else, with anything but a "RTFF" (in private e-mail).  We've went through
>this same type of thing with Joker and so many others in the past.  Let's
>see if us battle-scarred veterans have learned any lessons.

I think you mean "Riddler", right?

Ooh, and my random .sig brings up a winner:
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