[IDEA] Coder Commands and Wizstat

From: Michael Gesner (MeGesner@aol.com)
Date: 03/31/99

Being that I would like for my account to stay as secure as possible, I do not
want to
give out the login to any would be threats.  In order to have a coder however,
they must have access to the shell to program (either that, or program off mud
and ftp in, however this is inconvenient and does not allow for makes).

What I was considering, is allowing coder's access to the source code via an
olc type interface.  This way, they could work with the code, My master coder
would be able to watch what they type, I could log their work, and they do not
have to have direct access to the shell in order to program.  By adding a
"compile" command, (essentially a system(make);) the coders would be able to
work efficiently without comprimising the security of the shell itself.

My second idea is to have a set of Wizard Monitoring Statistics...
I know this may sound like I don't trust my Immortals, but the fact of the
matter is, some people just apply to get the title, and they don't do much of
anything.  In order to elminate this, and to highlight the members of my staff
who are highly involved in the MUD, I would like to make the following:
OLC Time
Code Time <- Assuming I implement the coder commands
Wizcommands Used
Actual Time Logged In
Quests Run

If anyone has implemented these into their MUD, or has any suggestions for me,
anything would be greatley appreciated.

Lodaren of Rhu-Dina'ar
oberon.krans.com 7777

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