[Code] Corpse saving v1.1

From: Michael Cunningham (malice@exit109.com)
Date: 04/02/99


I have just uploaded version 1.1 of my corpse saving
snippet to the incoming directory at ftp.circlemud.org
I am sure it will be moved to /pub/CircleMUD/contrib/code
within 24 hours or so..

A chunk of the readme file is below explaining the new behavior
of this release.

Speed of Lightning, Roar of Thunder!
Fighting All Who Rob and Plunder...
UnderDog.. Ahhahah UnderDog!


5. It lets players get the corpse from the room (like in an emergency)
   but as soon as they get it, the corpse will not save anymore.
   Also, if a scavenging mob picks up the corpse then it wont save
   either. Also... if the player dies in a room that is a house
   then the corpse will not save. These restrictions are all to
   prevent object duping.

   So you can basically tell your players..

   1. If a mob gets your corpse.. no save
   2. If you die in a 'house' then .. no save
   3. If a player gets your corpse from the room you
      died in.. then no save.

   Otherwise.. corpses will be saved even if you just take out
   one object and the mud crashes.  The rest of the objs will
   be in the corpse upon your return.

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