Re: [Code] Native Database Driver Support

From: Bill Long (
Date: 04/02/99

Michael Lemler wrote:
> To include a bunch of native database driver support for the mud would be
> insane.  Each one usually has it's own API, so each line of code you
> generate has to be proprietary to the database system.. unless you write
> your own preprossesor.  Future exapandablity is also hurt, simply slapping
> some defacto libs out there for DBMS systems out there now, won't solve
> the issue of another system out there who only supports ODBC (where
> everything is going).  ODBC is fast enough to do what MUD design had in
> mind.  ODBC is fast enough for enterprise wide applications.  I just don't
i dont know what kind of enterprise wide application you are using but
odbc isnt anywhere near efficient enough for mine.  its okay for one
time deals where you can use some other app(ie ms access) for your
visual interface. but for the really serious stuff we use the native
drivers. sure it take a little more time to write code for it, but when
you are talking 20 hours of coder's time once or an extra second per
user per hour per day per week..and you have 300 or 400 users, well you
can see how that would add up very quickly.

i'm not disagreeing with you that odbc is probably okay for mud
development. but lets explore some more options. personally i wont play
a mud with server lag.

> see the value of adding proprietary code when you can simply have "one
> size that fits all" and compatability.
> Just my nsho,
> Mike

i think it would be fairly simple (not to be confused with easy) to
write a [mud api] interface for the datbase stuff. as many people as
there are out there running different databases, it could be farmed out.
one person wouldnt have to write all the code.  then you could have
wrapper functions which dont change with the RDBMS. then with a #define
statement you'd be set and ready to go. you could even put it in the
autoconf stuff.(unless you had somebody using two rdbms's on their box:
ie postgre and mysql)

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