Re: [Code] Native Database Driver Support

From: Michael Lemler (
Date: 04/02/99

> >insane.
> Not really, the MySQL code required to load a zone file out of the
> database with comments and such in the code is only 165 lines.

No included libs?  Don't recall how much extra overhead they take if any..

> Object Abstraction.  To the MUD, the database is a void * token.  To the
> database parser it is a description of what database to go ask.  To the
> high-level database structure it is how to interpret the request.  Then the
> lowlevel database driver just fetches and returns data without caring what
> it was.

Sounds good to me.  I'll have to actually get the code sometime to see
what you are doing.

> All of the SQL-like databases should be able to share the same upper level
> database if no extensions are used.

True, key based model == key based model.  Beauty of realtions ;)

> I coded up the MySQL module according to their C API.  I'll probably have
> individual database drivers (though I'd hardly call them drivers based on
> what I plan to do) for those I have access to and a generic ODBC driver for
> people to use on databases I don't have.

That sounds good to me.  This way you have the best of both worlds.
Didn't know if you wanted the extra design time in there, but it isn't all
that much of a code issue.


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