Re: [Code] Native Database Driver Support

From: George Greer (
Date: 04/03/99

On Sat, 3 Apr 1999, Michael Lemler wrote:

>Good call.  BTW, are you loading the information from the database at boot
>or are you loading database information when need be (i.e. player is
>entering the zone)?  If it's on boot, I side with one of the other poster
>their stop whining attitude ;)  There usually always is a chance to speed
>stuff up anyway, depending on OS and compiler.  Every box I have is a
>Linux 2.2.X box with EGCS and a pentium optimisation wrapper.  Is that
>just geeky or what ;)

Currently I load everything at boot-up time since there isn't a MUD around
the database yet. With the flexibility of the current system I can easily
make it dynamically load every room or half and half.

>All in all I think this is a very interesting approach to the mud.  I
>would not, my self, use it unless it loaded all the information upon boot,
>or the entire system was changed from it's one proccess to a series of
>processes communicating with each other.

What's wrong with any dynamic loading?  If you load from an SQL database
into a hash table you do 1 SQL query.  Now, if you load from SQL back into
SQL you'll end up with quite a few more, but dynamically loading a room,
mob, object, etc. should be uncommon past loadup time.  This assumes you
don't implement room unloading, but if you've done that you get what you
asked for.

>This will prolly be my last post on this.  George looks like he has
>everything under control.  I eagerly await to see what comes of it.

Except time. ;)

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