Re: [linux][system] suid and file permissions

From: Michael Lemler (
Date: 04/03/99

> okay. i have my mud set up to boot on system boot(from the rc.local
> file)

*sniff sniff* Smells like slackware ... eww ;)

> my mud has its own user and group.  the trouble is, when i run it from
> the rc.local file, it gets run as roots UID. so all the files created
> during the session(new players, log files, etc) are owned by root.

man su, take a look at -c.

> i have tried every possible combination of the stickybit but it still

Um... stickybit has nothing to do with UID changing

> i'll just make a quick little script, owned by root, which the autorun
> script can run and change all the ownerships back to my mud user. then
> set the sticky bit on it and that will work. doesnt.

You really needf to check what the sticky bit means again.

> 1) i have a very gross conceptional error about the purpose of the
> stickybit and

I think what you are trying to use is the setuid bit (s).  If you do not
know the difference, don't use it.  Setuid is extreamly dangerous to
someone who is unknowing.  Read up on it.  The su -c command will solve
your problems.. read the man page though (man su)

> 2) the sticky bit functionality is broken in my version of linux(2.0.36)

Nope, all is good in 2.0.36... 'cept for a few oddities.  Hence Alan's

I hope this helps.  If you need more linux help, you should prolly get on
IRC and head off to your friendly/not so friendly linux help channel.  You
can get more information that way and interactive help.


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