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From: Albert Brauneis (
Date: 04/04/99


Thanks for your help I got the code for restore all! I was wondering if there
is any doc's that have most of the functions that will list the parameters
and returns. Like ACT for example. If I can read up on what to send it and
what it does I will have a better understanding of how this all works. That
means less questions from me to you!!! Well here is my ACMD(do_restore) code
incase anyone wants it or wants to make changes:
NOTE: This is only the top part of do_restore not the whole function because
I didn't change anything to the rest of it.


        struct char_data *vict;
        struct descriptor_data *a, *next_desc;  int i;
one_argument(argument, buf);
        if (!str_cmp("all",buf))
                for (a = descriptor_list; a; a = next_desc)
                        next_desc = a->next;
                      if (STATE(a) != CON_PLAYING || !(vict = a->character)
|| (!IS_NPC(vict) && GET_LEVEL(vict) >= GET_LEVEL(ch)))
                        GET_HIT(vict) = GET_MAX_HIT(vict);
                        GET_MANA(vict) = GET_MAX_MANA(vict);
                        GET_MOVE(vict) = GET_MAX_MOVE(vict);
                        act("You have been fully healed by $N!", FALSE, vict,
0, ch, TO_CHAR);


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