Re: [CODE] Restring...

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 04/05/99

> ---CODE---
> struct obj_file_elem {
>    obj_num item_number;
>    char *name;
>    char *short_desc;
>    char *long_desc;
>    ...
        First off, if you're using the stock system, your rent files are
written out by simply writing out a binary stream using fwrite.  In this
case, you're writing out only the pointer itself, not the data it
points to.  Try making them more like this:

     char name[MAX_NAME_LENGTH];
     char short_desc[MAX_SHORT_DESC_LENGTH];

        That will help quite a bit.

        The rest of it I glanced at, it should be okay.

        If you'd like to grab a system which allows for the alteration of
all stats, including strings, grab the xapobjs v1.1 patch from your local
circle patch archive.  Get iedit for an oasis olc interface to it.


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