Re: vt100 editor

From: Bill Long (
Date: 04/05/99

that would be awesome. i have been meaning to do this for some time now
but have not been able to scrape the necessary hours/days together.

i would be highly interested in something like this.

Patrick Dughi wrote:
> > MUD++ (theres a link to it from has a patch that adds a
> > PICO-like editor (Actually I think it interfaces directly with Pico).
> >
>         Actually, it forks a copy which runs a mini-telnet daemon to grab
> a ptty, forks and attaches the one descriptor to that new copy, and then
> executes spico (which is basically pico with some options removed).  This
> writes to a temporary file which the name of is known when the person
> quits it.  The mud picks the descriptor back up, puts it back on the mud
> proper, and reads the file and sets the string that was being edited equal
> to said file.
>         I've almost got it working in normal c (as opposed to c++).
> Technically, you ought to be able to take control of any non-mud program.
> Once I figure out why my descriptor isn't returning, and just hanging
> around in la-la land after file save (and why the string doesn't get
> updated), I'll upload it as a patch.  No guestimate on how long that will
> take of course.
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