Re: What I want to do! (or similar);obcircle Xual's mud ...

From: Brandon Brown (
Date: 04/06/99

Oh man.  I get home, and see 10 messages with the same title... and 6 of them
are from Albert.  Come on guys, if you're going to flame eachother - take it
to private email.  Nobody on the list wants to take part in watching you each
verbally bash eachother.   I would've sent this via personal email (I know
you're all thinking that) - but, I'd rather not get more email on this
subject via the list from people joining the bash.

Albert, it's also not necessary to shoot down or thank every response you get
- 5/6 of those emails were useless emails to the list thanking the person or
saying that's not what you wanted.  If you want to thank them, send it via
private email.  Do they same if you're not getting the answer you want.
There's something like over 500 users on the list, and they don't want to see
all of these one-liner messages.

I think I speak for the majority on this one.

B. Brown
WebMaster, CircleMUD WTFaq

<< Not if their answer is followed by an insult.


 << you could return the favor by
  treating them with respect. >>

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