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From: George Greer (
Date: 04/06/99

On Tue, 6 Apr 1999, Xual wrote:

>An interesting idea, and would tie in nicely to an idea I've had rattling
>around my head.  I'd like to see a new CircleMUD.  Not a code base, but an
>actual MUD running, sort of as a show-piece as to what a group of people
>can accomplish. The only way I can see this happening (besides Jeremy
>quitting his job and going full time MUD guy) is if it was "sponsored" by
>the Circle community as a whole.

I think he's mostly bogged down in graduate study courses although I did
hear the rumor of a job a bit ago.

Will Jeremy do it? [1]
        I would be highly suprised.
Could I do it?
        Well, of course.
Am I allowed to do it?
        That's much more iffy but I'd say at the very least it would be
        extremely discouraged.
Will I do it?
        Even if I could, I don't think so unless it was collectively
        decided to be a really good thing. There's not yet a pressing
        need for it since anyone can see the source and mail things in.

We already sponsor the code with a place to get it from. :)

>[xual@danathara src]$ mcl 4000

We could have '' resolve to '' :)

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[1] - As always, it's my impression, not officially from Jeremy.

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