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Date: 04/06/99

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Date: Tuesday, April 06, 1999 9:15 PM
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>On Tue, 6 Apr 1999, Bill Long wrote:
>> i stopped by xuals mud yesterday. its pretty cool. you guys should go
>> check it out. i really liked his character creation sequence.  he also
>> employed what i like to call moderate and interesting use of color.
>> i was quite impressed.  after talking to him for a bit, it came out
>> that he too, is a sole coder for a mud. i REALLY would like to get a
>> bunch of us SOLE coders together and make a mud.
>People are often doing their own work alone because they perceive a lack
>of quality in everyone else's work.  Or they simply want creative freedom.
>Or they just don't work well together in a group.  I don't see such an
>attempt as feasible.
>> i'd bet we could have a good mud up and running in 6 months.
>Good muds never come along in 6 months.  Maybe the basis of a good mud.
>Just as there are bottlenecks in a single-coder system, there are
>compensating limitations to using a group of coders and administrators.
>Not the least of which is design decisions and revision control.
I have to agree with Daniel on this.  How many times have you seen an AD
for a new mud, "hey we have olc", "hey we have cool colors", "hey we have
classes", "hey we have.."  ...but when you get on the mud, the people
running it
have no vision of where they want to go, no master plan for character
no master them for the world, etc....I bet you could take 3 months on world
design (without building
a single room) alone.

All that being said,  I'd throw my 2 cents into the world side of the
game/design if anyone wants some

>But if people want to try it, I may commit a little bit of time.
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