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Date: 04/07/99

Tom Dailey wrote:
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> Date: Tuesday, April 06, 1999 9:15 PM
> Subject: Re:   Sole Coder Project
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> >Good muds never come along in 6 months.  Maybe the basis of a good mud.
> >Just as there are bottlenecks in a single-coder system, there are
> >compensating limitations to using a group of coders and administrators.
> >Not the least of which is design decisions and revision control.
> >
> I have to agree with Daniel on this.  How many times have you seen an AD
> for a new mud, "hey we have olc", "hey we have cool colors", "hey we have
> new
> classes", "hey we have.."  ...but when you get on the mud, the people
> running it
> have no vision of where they want to go, no master plan for character
> creation,
> no master them for the world, etc....I bet you could take 3 months on world
> design (without building
> a single room) alone.
> All that being said,  I'd throw my 2 cents into the world side of the
> game/design if anyone wants some
> help
    In my own opinion, I don't think code base is the issue.  Granted
the time a coder has to actually code, and skill levels will vary, but
from my own personal experiance it's usually not code or the lack
that will define a mud.  You can have a codebase with every feature
to God (or George :) but without builders and a vision it wouldn't
to much.  Well, except maybe to other coders who could ohh and ahhh over
what you had done :)

   Neat idea though IF you could get a corresponding number of truly
builders behind it

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