Re: [IDEAS] Body part combat!

From: Robert Moon (
Date: 04/07/99

At 10:36 PM 4/6/99 -0500, you wrote:
>I was thinking about changing combat to include body parts.
>I would like some input on how to go about this though, like i don't
>really want to replace the current hitpoint system but spreading the
>hitpoints out over the bodyparts dosn't seem like a good way either.

A pay-to-play MUD that I was on a few years ago (non-DIKU-based, of course)
had an interesting "body part" code.  A body location was determined for
every spell and attack that was made on someone.  No matter which body part
took the hit, the character's main hit points were subtracted.  However, if
the hit was to a leg or arm, the damage was halved, and if the hit was to a
hand or foot, the damage was quartered.

Further, every body part had a condition for each kind of damage (slashing,
piercing, bludgeoning, fire, cold, etc.) that could injure it so the
healers could have something to do.  For instance, your right arm could
have: a minor burn, a severe gash, and a moderate puncture.  The degree of
severity of the wound was based on the character's max hit points versus
the amount of damage the limb sustained.  For slashing and piercing wounds
that were rated as "severe" or worse, the character began to bleed.  Unless
a healer bound the character's wounds, the character might bleed to death
if his bleeding rate exceeded his regen rate.  So a bleeding left arm
wouldn't be much a problem, but a bleeding left arm, right leg, right foot,
abdomen, and head -- each cummulatively subtracting bleeding hit points --
could spell death in a matter of minutes.

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