Re: Where is 128conv2.txt?

From: Søren P. Skou (
Date: 04/08/99

Robert Moon wrote:

[CUT something about obj/wld/mob converters]
> and even the Internet at large to no avail.  Anyone know where I can get
> this converter?
I wrote a converter some time ago, I'm even sure I put it at the FTP
Site, or so I was lead to believe :) Well, actually it *should* be there
somewhere, since people have been asking q's about how to use it (Even
though I thought the README was enough.. :).

It's written in perl, and was some of the first things I did in perl, so
it's not very nice nor very effective, but it get's the job done. I
found the converter I made at :

And one the count made at

Hope it helps.. :)



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