Re: code writing a mob

From: Tom Dailey (
Date: 04/09/99

Ya know, sometimes the spontaneous flaming should be held to
a minimum.  The guy said he was blind, therefore negating the probability
that he's going to "read through the code".

Once in a while, it wouldn't hurt  the "master coders of the circle mailing
to be just a little nice.


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From: Jon A. Nielsen <nikolai@MONTANA.COM>
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Date: Friday, April 09, 1999 6:46 PM
Subject: Re:  code writing a mob

>>                    Hi, I am blind and I am trying to write a mob that is
>> called newnew the dilivery man and I would like to make scrolls that when
>> people recite them newnew will come to them.  I would all so like him to
>> walk around the mud and sell things to pelple.  I would like him to buy
>> and sell any thing and the scrolls of newnew to be free.  Can someone
>> me write him?  I would like him when loaded to start in the tempal of
>> town that comes with circle?  bye
>my first suggestion is to invest a little money in a dictionary.
>after that, you can purchase a book on how to program in c/c++, and your
>problems will (may) be solved! after you buy the book, read through the
>code and all the documentation, familiarise yourself with the style with
>which circlemud was programmed.
>j. nielsen, jr.
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