Re: [CODE]: Loading Objects on Character Creation..

From: Michael Cunningham (
Date: 04/09/99

>   obj_to_char(read_object(12108, REAL), ch);

I assume 12108 is a virtual number unless you have 12k unique objs
in your mud.

Try this instead,

obj_to_char(read_object(real_object(12108), REAL), ch);

Might wanna put a few checks in there though first..
Just in case someone changes those vnums on you.
You can never be to careful..

    if ((r_num = real_object(12108)) < 0) {
      log("hmm missing obj 12108.. ");
    obj = read_object(r_num, REAL);
    obj_to_char(obj, ch);

Something like that.. I basically just ripped that out of do_load

You need to get the objs real number before you can load it up.
Basically.. vnums are for people, rnums are for the mud.. well
that basically how it seems..


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