Re: [CODE]: Loading Objects on Character Creation..

From: Daniel A. Koepke (
Date: 04/09/99

On Sat, 10 Apr 1999, Ryan Kahn wrote:

> In function do_start:
>   obj_to_char(read_object(12105, REAL), ch);
>   obj_to_char(read_object(12102, REAL), ch);
>   obj_to_char(read_object(12106, REAL), ch);
>   obj_to_char(read_object(12106, REAL), ch);
>   obj_to_char(read_object(12108, REAL), ch);
> It compiles clean... but it crashes when someone enters the game.. any
> opinions?

Well, it's very ugly.  And 1210x aren't real numbers, they're virtuals, so
you'll want to change REAL->VIRTUAL.  That will fix the crash, although
writing good code would mean you don't have that problem.  This is all
very old and discussed too many times for me to count.  In fact, tag this
into the WTfaq,

  #define INVENTORY     -1
  #define BAG           -2

  void start_equip(struct char_data * ch)
    const int eq_list[][3] = {
      /* Syntax: quantity, virtual num, location
       * Examples:
       * { 2, 12106, INVENTORY }, loads 2 12106s and places it in inven.
       * { 1, 12105, WEAR_WIELD }, loads a 12105 and wields it
       * { 5, 12105, BAG }, loads 5 12105s and places them in the bag

      /* THIS MUST BE LAST */
      { -1, -1, -1 }
    const obj_vnum bag_vnum = <insert bag vnum>;
    struct object_data * bag, * obj;
    int idx, count;

    bag = read_object(bag_vnum, VIRTUAL);

    for (idx = 0; eq_list[idx][1] != -1; idx++) {
      for (count = 0; count < eq_list[idx][0]; count++) {
        if (!(obj = read_object(eq_list[idx][1], VIRTUAL)))

        if (eq_list[idx][2] == BAG && bag != NULL)
          obj_to_obj(obj, bag);
        else if (eq_list[idx][2] >= 0)
          equip_char(ch, obj, eq_list[idx][2]);
          obj_to_char(obj, ch);

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