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Date: 04/10/99

At 08:27 PM 4/9/99 EDT, you wrote:
>I know I've asked this before but Ive lost where I wrote it down and no one
>answered me on the newbie list.  What is the command to keep the autorun
>going after I log out?  hrup autorun didn't work last time.
As a general rule if you run any program with a & it stays running(ie
./autorun &).  I've noticed that some operating systems kill all jobs set
running during this instance of logging on if you disconnect improperly.

I'm not sure if this is something built into some linux distributions, or
if this is just some administrative tool that siteadmins use to cause
headaches. nohup doesn't seem to work because the kill appears to be the
code associated with a kill -9...which I don't remember right now, but it
kills most applications dead(kind of like raid).

What to do about it:  When you are done coding and running jobs type exit
or logout and let the system disconnect you, don't just hit the hang up
button on the telnet client of control and ] and type close if you have a
unix standard telnet.

if anyone has any more information on this unique feature please don't
hesitate to send it to the list *grin*

ObCircle:  I'm trying to decide if height balancing the database is worth
the trouble.  I figure I want the binary tree to be balanced, but I don't
know if it is really worth all that added overhead.  Perhaps a 2-3 tree
would be a better solution?  I mean how many times does the entire zone
index of the mud really change, except when a new zone is added, and that
does not occur all that much.  Then again, I might just make a big bad hash

iNsAnE mAsTeR oF mAyHeM

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