Re: mudbot?

From: Will Andrews (andrews@TECHNOLOGIST.COM)
Date: 04/11/99

On 11-Apr-99 The Merciless lord of Everything wrote:
> Jonathan Foo wrote:
>> Does anyone here know of a suitable unix/linux bot that can be run on irc
>> servers that give a dcc connection to a user which then connects them to
>> the mud, ie so they can play mud through their fav irc client?

Actually, my MUD's co-founder and I decided we could do something like this,
but neither of us accomplished the job (although we got close to establishing
a final design) due to the fact we had more interesting things to code.
Maybe if we had underdogs, we'd still be working on that subproject. :P

> My script was very loosely based upon the Perl IRC Client SIRC (I think
> it's called),Then using a neverending loop, it studied the contents of
> the syslog file, given certain criterias it would then send a message to
> the bot in the other end, so it seemed like it was one of the bots on
> the channel speaking.

Nah.. Perl's not the best way to go IMO.. you could simply rip code from
rlogind or some other telnet daemon and try to figure out how to put it in a
bot that is coded in C.

> It would of course be entirely possible to code the thing into Circle
> itself, even though IMHO it's not where people is going to play since

We toyed around with the idea of fully implementing it into our MUD's source
code, but decided that it should be a separate program, primarily because
such bots may have to run off remote hosts (from the MUD's perspective).

> As for the idea with the bot, yes, I don't see any problems with that
> (Provided that you know how to make it.. :), Possibly it would lag a lot
> if you decide to use one of the public nets, and what should then happen
> during netsplits? Ohyeah, sorry, it was DCC :)

The only reason you would lag at all during a netsplit is because you are
connected to an IRC server. :P~

Since it is a DCC (Direct Client Connection), you would never lose your
connection to the MUD unless:

        a) The bot dies.
        b) The MUD itself goes down.
        c) Your connection goes to hell in a handbasket.
        d) The bot's connection goes to hell in a handbasket.
        e) (for utter repetition)
           The MUD's connection goes to hell in a handbasket. ;-)

> You could of course set up an IRCD on your mudmachine, in which case I
> don't see the point, then you might as well not use IRC.

See above. IRCD's have little to do with DCC's. Running your own IRCD would
be sort of silly, indeed.

In conclusion, the biggest reason anyone should/would do this sort of thing is
because IRC folks are counted by the tens of thousands on some networks. You
could get quite a few new people introduced to MUD's (and then, hopefully,
start using a MUD client to connect!). |-)


Acme, Maintenance Implementor <>
The Black Dawn MUD - [down :(]

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