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From: Daniel A. Koepke (
Date: 04/11/99

On Sun, 11 Apr 1999, Ryan Kahn wrote:

> I have a bunch a few .rej files from a recent attempt at a patch...
> I want to hand install it.. but there is one slight problem....
> I know +is add and - is remove.. ! is change, but WHAT do I change?

It tells you what to change.

  *** old.file.c   Day Mon Dt 00:00:00 1999
  --- new.file.c   Day Mon Dt 00:00:00 1999
  *** XX,YY ****
    ... (context)
  ! blah blah
    ... (context)

  --- XX,YY ----
    ... (context)
  ! blah bleh
    ... (context)

Note that the lines below the "*** XX,YY ****" but above the "--- XX,YY
----" line are from the file specified after the "***" at the beginning of
the file.  Every context diff file should have "***" be the old file and
"---" be the new file, although don't be surprised to find if someone has
built their patch backwards (patch will ordinarily report this to you,
though).  Anyway, the old.file.c (***) section with the "!" tells you what
to change, the new.file.c (---) section with the "!" tells you how to
change it.  Simple, right?

If the WTfaq isn't clear about this, I suggest an update.


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